Bird Removal

Need Bird Removal?

Birds are attracted to spaces, such as eaves, roof spaces, attics, or chimneys, that provide protection from the elements. Once a bird has established a nest in a home, they can cause several problems.

Our professional technicians can come out and safely remove them from your property and ensure we secure all points of entry with our exclusion repairs. 

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Signs You Might Have Birds

Feathered Friends in the Wrong Place: Bird Removal for NH & MA

Chirping chaos got you cooped up? Birds nesting in your NH or MA home can cause a mess and safety hazards. Our licensed technicians provide a humane solution:

  1. Expert Inspection: We thoroughly inspect your property to identify bird entry points and signs of nesting activity.
  2. Safe Exclusion: We use bird exclusion methods, like one-way doors, to encourage birds to leave naturally without harming them.
  3. Entry Point Sealing: Once birds are gone, all entry points are sealed with durable materials to prevent future nests.
  4. Humane Deterrence: We can recommend additional deterrents like bird spikes or netting to discourage future feathered visitors.

Don’t let these messy houseguests take over! Contact us today for a humane and effective bird removal solution for your NH or MA home.

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