Skunk Removal

Need Skunk Removal?

Have you walked out side recently and smelled that undeniable skunk smell? Crawlspaces, low decks, and sheds can provide a perfect environment to raise skunk kits. Skunks only have one option to look for a nesting area and that’s on lower ground.

Our professional technicians can come out and safely remove them from your property and ensure we secure all points of entry with our exclusion repairs. 

Signs You Might Have a Skunk

Safe Skunk Removal for NH & MA

Skunks causing a stink? We handle the removal humanely! Our NH & MA licensed technicians follow these steps:

  1. Thorough Inspection: We identify entry points and signs of activity around your property.
  2. Safe Trapping: We strategically place live traps to capture the skunks without harm.
  3. Odor Control Measures (Optional): We can recommend professional odor control services to neutralize lingering smells.
  4. Exclusion & Sealing: Entry points are sealed with durable materials to prevent future visitors.
  5. Humane Relocation: Captured skunks are relocated responsibly, following local NH & MA regulations.

Don’t suffer the stench! Contact us today for a swift and professional skunk removal solution.

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